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Menstrual Cup


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Donate a menstrual cup - get a beautiful bracelet.

Five years of care free periods for someone who really needs it. Thank you for contributing to a more equal world. Not having to worry about one's period is invaluable.

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Donate one menstrual cup = 5 years of carefree periods.
As a thank you, you'll get a beautiful bracelet.
The bracelet looks like a knot - representing how we are all tied together and can relate to something as basic as menstruation, but also shows that there can sometimes be knots on the thread.
The bracelet has two charms - an M and a C. This stands for MonthlyCup, or Menstrual Cup, or Care Mahila, the non-profit organization that makes the distribution and education for the girls. Maybe they even have a special symbolism for you?
What if this where your options to choose from as menstrual protection: dried corn cob, grass, chicken feathers, leaves etc. This is reality for millions of menstruators around the world. Menstruation isn't just a monthly bleeding - its an obstacle, keeping girls from their education. The road from poverty is education and with a menstrual cup the girls can stay in school.
Thanks to you, a menstruator in Nepal will get a menstrual cup and education in sexual and reproductive health from the midwife Lisa Gårdlund. Most of the time, they don't even know why periods exist which makes the education-part very important. Read more about her important work at

Five years of carefree periods to someone who really needs it. Thank you for contributing to a more equal world. Not having to care about one's period is invaluable.

The bracelet is an alloy and contains nickel.

Its this easy to help

For only EUR 20, we will make sure that a girl gets a menstrual cup as well as education in sexual and reproductive health. The education is extremely important since many doesn't know why they bleed, or even that they are supposed to bleed. The taboos are tremendous in many places. This will not only give her five whole years where she doesn't have to care about her period, she will aslo get comfort in understanding her body and knowledge to handle her period.

You are a hero!

As a thank you for helping a menstruator, you will get a bracelet. Wear it with pride! You, who are making sure that a girl can stay in school is a true hero!

The road from poverty is education. Studies have shown that school attendance have increased with 80 % when girls have been given a menstrual cup.

The consequence of periods

Millions of women and girls around the world does not have access to safe period protections. Instead, they are forced to use unsafe and unhygienic solutions as grass, chicken feathers, dried corn cobs, leaves or old pieces of mattress. It does not hold tight and the risk of infection is great. However, crappy protections is nothing - what if someone finds out you're on your period?! Completely unthinkable in many places. Hence, the girls stay home from school.

If you miss school several days each month eventually it will be hard to catch up. This makes many drop out of school. The road from poverty is education and thanks to you they will get that opportunity!

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Thank you for caring about the environment, the body and the wallet! Amazing qualities.


I love you - you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, my economy and my closest environment.


Thanks to you it doesn't even matter any more which week I booked my vacation!

Together we have saved the earth 90101450 pads and tampons

On average, you use 12,000 tampons and pads in a lifetime - or SEVEN menstrual cups.
It makes a huge difference to the world's garbage!

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